Your kidney specialist

Dr. med. Susanne Kleiner

Specialist for internal medicine with focus on nephrology

Consultation hours


8.00 - 15.00h


8.00 - 15.00h


8.00 - 15.00h


14.00 - 18.00h

and by arrangement


Patients with acute or chronic kidney disease or high blood pressure caused by kidney disease are in the best hands with our nephrology specialists.

  • Early detection, diagnostics and therapy of acute and chronic kidney diseases
  • Ultrasound and duplex ultrasound of the kidneys and renal vessels
  • Clarification and medicinal adjustment of high blood pressure (hypertension) in patients with kidney disease, if necessary in cooperation with the general practitioner
  • Avoidance of secondary diseases with chronic kidney disease
  • Preparation for a possibly required dialysis procedure with special emphasis on dialysis treatment at home (outpatient peritoneal dialysis/peritoneal dialysis or home dialysis)
  • Preparation for kidney transplantation
  • Aftercare following kidney transplantation
  • Consultation hours for patients with peritoneal dialysis (CAPD, APD)
  • Advice, initiation and care for dialysis access (PD catheter, dialysis shunt or permanent dialysis catheter)
  • Shunt consultation including shunt sonography and shunt aftercare
  • Clarification and treatment of autoimmune diseases
  • Measures for maintaining kidney function
  • Nutritional advice for patients with kidney disease
  • Long-term blood pressure monitoring
  • ECGs
  • Abdomen ultrasound
  • Urine microscopy
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Instrumental diagnostics

  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneal vessels with renal arteries
  • Ultrasound of neck and thorax
  • Doppler/duplex ultrasound of extracranial brain-supplying arteries
  • Doppler/duplex ultrasound of arteries and veins of the extremities
  • Blood pressure and long-term blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood and urine tests